As a leading player in the African natural gas industry, TAGA is committed to performing its duty as a responsible corporate citizen by supporting and adding value to the communities affected by the exploitation of natural gas. It has a giving and volunteerism programme that serves as an overarching platform to a wide array of charitable endeavors. It also patronizes many philanthropic programs across the African continent and strives to create real benefits for non-shareholder constituencies through local community outreach and support, domestically driven and sanctioned programs and disaster-response initiatives. It recognizes that a careful and insightful approach to sustainability and its enforcement may create a positive impact on the businesses of African oil and gas companies, the affected communities and the health of the earth.

TAGA supports African oil and gas companies in their charitable efforts. It ensures that the funds raised are channelled to shelter and poverty housing, environmental sustainability and community service in the communities affected by the exploitation of natural gas. It also ensures that African oil and gas companies develop and implement philanthropy programs that are aligned with the expectations and demands of wider stakeholders. Principles of social responsibility therefore guide TAGA’s policies and programmes and determine its capacity to respond to and manage the demands of affected communities. African oil and gas companies working with TAGA are dedicated to bettering these communities and there is a firm commitment to build on that compassion for the good of all members of these communities and beyond.

TAGA commits to minimise the impact of the activities of African oil and gas companies on the natural environment. This industry is widely seen as a major contributor to climate change. Thus, TAGA has both the responsibility and an opportunity to influence the way gas in extracted and distributed, as well as how waste is managed. Its capacity to respond to the needs of the natural environment is a fundamental principle of its environmental leadership.

TAGA has therefore developed and currently implements an Environmental Sustainability Policy that enables it to leverage key areas of environmentally sound performance in its operations, as well as those of its members. The policy address both externally-oriented and internally-oriented issues encountered in the industry and provides a set of rules to guide the actions of participants in the industry. In this regard, TAGA provides vital training and education to professionals on a routine basis. It also facilitates and helps in the management of employee networking groups.



The Africa Gas Association sponsors and participates in a number of forums, partnerships and coalitions to foster dialogue on energy policy and achieve a better understanding of natural gas in Africa.


The Africa Gas Association is the leading voice of the natural gas and energy industry in Africa. It seeks to become one of the most influential and respectful organizations in the global natural gas and energy industry.

The Leading Voice OF aFRICA'S Natural Gas and Energy Industry


TAGA’s mission is to influence and support policies which promote a strong, viable and sustainable natural gas industry in Africa and beyond in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.